Hello world / by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

I am posting the first entry in my blog (which I created in May...oops) today, finally! My aim is to update this once a week or so with images I've shot during my Sports Illustrated internship, or from older assignments that I've really enjoyed, or that never saw the light of day. Hopefully I won't be writing so much, and posts will consist of mostly images. Today I'm sharing with y'all some images I made at one of the baseball games between the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees back in September at Yankee Stadium. It was the second game I shot for SI, the first being a terrible outing at a Red Bulls game, and my first MLB game. I did just alright, getting a couple of stuff that could run as stock but not much else. I do feel like I learned a lot from it, both from being there and from the critique my editors gave me, and I can't wait to shoot baseball again next year.