Basketball Shots / by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

Image Plenty of things have surprised me during my semester in New York (people equating Mexicans with L.A. for one), and one of them has been that a lot of NBA players look like Greek statues. I knew they could jump and run like mythical characters, but it was not until I saw some of them up close that I realized how crazy fit they are. Another surprise, soccer players are surprisingly short.


Either way, I've been quite lucky to have shot four basketball games so far this season, thanks to basketball editor Marguerite Schropp Lucarelli, and I've improved a lot in each game. This has been the case for all the sports I've been to, or at least I'd like to think so. I can't wait until I'm shooting every day.



Kent State players Darren Goodson (42) and Derek Jackson (23) box out Seton Hall guard Fuquan Edwin (23) as they wait to rebound a free throw during the NCAA Division I regular season game between the Golden Flashes and the Pirates at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. on November 13, 2013.

Some of my favorite images I've shot during this internship have actually come during basketball, which is great since my portfolio has been lacking basketball for a while. The first one is one that Marguerite really liked at once, and although the crop ended a bit weird I think it's still strong. The second one is during the Seton Hall vs Kent State game, and I ended up choosing it after a long comparison with a similar image; if I chose the incorrect one I'm going to be so angry. And finally, Chris Andersen. I'm not a fan of him (or most Heat players, really) but there's no question he makes for an interesting subject.

Brooklyn Nets vs Utah Jazz 02

Seton Hall vs Kent State 03


I'm looking forward to getting back into the court soon, either this weekend at the Coaches vs Cancer Classic or in a couple weeks once the Thanksgiving break is over. Hopefully it won't be that long until I post something else on here, but we'll see.