2013 Public Schools Athletic League Football Championship / by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

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Last night I went to Yankee Stadium to photograph the city football championship game of the PSAL league, which groups New York City's public high schools.It was a crazy game decided by a safety off a high snap, and featured a dramatic comeback as well as last minute drama. It was also quite cold.

Coming into the game, I figured the best photos to make would be wide features which showed the features at Yankee Stadium, but my options were quite limited, as stadium security was instructed to confine us to a single endzone for a half, and at no point could we stand in the sidelines (there were even more problems once the game was over, but whatever). Anyhow, I set up to capture the video board and the name fixture on top of it with my wide angle lens.

The winning team, Lincoln High School, has the second highest rated prospect in the state in defensive tackle Thomas Holley, who is making a decision between Penn State and Florida this week. I knew I also had to make shots of him, and while I got some in action, he didn't have a great performance. I was able to grab him, however, coming out of the locker room right before the second half, and made a photo that satisfied me.

The end of the game was great, at least once security let us move into the field, and I was very happy to make some interesting images of the celebration. The third-to-last photo on the slideshow is probably my favorite to come out of this take.

You can look at the (much better) Flickr slideshow of the photographs here. I originally wanted to post that slideshow, but Wordpress and Flickr just do not seem to work together and it just meant I spent a long time unnecessarily staring at my computer.

Thanks to Nate Gordon for giving me a heads up about this game, as well as credentialing me to shoot it.