Back to blogging, back in Texas, back at the ROT Rally. / by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

Blogging consistently is hard. But oh well, I'm back at it! I am also back in my adopted home state of Texas after an eight month stint in New York City working with Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine.

Since moving back to Austin, I have been freelancing here and there and doing pretty decently, thankfully.  I'm hoping to post some of my favorite assignments on here...regularly, but no promises.

First up, I was fortunate enough to be back in town just in time for one of my favorite Austin events: the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally. This is the fourth year in a row I attend, the second year I am able to shoot it and the first time I get to shoot it for real estate agency Maxavenue. This year it seemed like there were a lot less bikers and less craziness downtown, but it was still a thrill to hear the engines revving all through the city.

Anyway, if you're around Austin let's work and/or hang out together.