2016 in review / by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

While this wasn't the easiest year for a multitude of reasons, I am glad to look back and see that I produced good work in spite of the challenges and missed opportunities. It was also a year of growth and good times, however. I had a lot of fun shooting football (surprise, surprise), as well as trying to improve in other areas of my photography.

Among the geekiest positives that did come out of 2016: I started playing classical guitar, bought and played several nerdy board games and went back to playing D&D regularly, this time bringing my wife along. I am really thankful for the group of friends surrounding us here in Springfield.

I was also very happy to have my parents visit Springfield for the second time, and for being able to meet my nephew Thiago in a quick visit I made to Mexico. Here's hoping to seeing more of my family and my country in 2017.